Who You Gonna Call? Gay-busters?

In the last couple of months, as Earth continues to spin on its axis, as the world gets hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, in a tiny country on a tiny planet in a vast, ever-expanding universe, a couple of members of society have decided to take matters into their own hands and raid Instagram accounts for anyone who supports gays, promotes being gay and berate anyone, of course, who actually is gay.

After finding accounts which they believe supports our gay brothers and sisters, the next step is going to stores in malls and ensuring there are no rainbows or gay paraphernalia in the windows. Anything that remotely resembles a rainbow, including multi-colored dream-catchers in the Louis Vuitton branch at the Avenues that clearly do not resemble a rainbow—I mean, who would dare risk closing down their business and exhibit LGBTQ+ rainbows on a shop window in Kuwait, come on?—must be removed.

Some souls—who, sadly, still believe we are separate—are keeping their eyes open for anything that can promote a homosexual agenda locally. But what is a homosexual agenda? The only homosexual agenda is that which emanates from homophobia itself. If someone is gay or a lesbian, that’s all there is to it. There is no agenda. They are gay or are a lesbian. Plain and simple. Where is the agenda of being attracted to the same sex? Where is the agenda of a gay person asking to be be given equal rights? Where is the agenda of peacefully, very peacefully, protesting against being bullied and beaten up and ostracized for one’s attraction? Where is the agenda of companies that promote transgender awareness and equality? Where is the agenda in reminding people that judging people based on sexuality is a detriment to our evolution? And tell me, where is the agenda of outgrowing our bigotry and transforming our consciousness?

How many of us, as a dear friend mentioned to me once in a conversation, have a brother or a sister or an aunt or an uncle or a cousin who is gay? How many of us have relatives who are in the closet? In a society such as ours, it is heterosexual members of the community who should speak out, because our gay brothers and sisters will be jailed and accused of lasciviousness. We can no longer afford to remain silent.

And some good news (or terrible news, depending on how expansive your heart is at the moment), as mentioned in Kuwait Times:

“In an unprecedented step that is expected to create a great deal of controversy, a number of Kuwaitis plan to file an application to the Ministry of Social Affairs next month requesting the proclamation of establishing a Kuwaiti society for homosexuals.”


We are under no illusion as to how far we have come as a society in terms of transcending our fears and egos, but in each moment, love beckons. And each time we say no to fear, and no to our collective conditioning; each time we say yes to love, and yes to transforming our consciousness, we pave a beautiful highway to ascension. Viva l’amore! Viva!

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