It’s Time: Awakening O’Clock

No citizen would ever willingly seek asylum unless a situation arises which deems it necessary to leave. That was the case with Rahaf Al-Qanoon, who “confessed” to leaving the fold of Islam. She reminded the world that even in 2019 a person could be killed for apostasy, and the public condemnation she received on Twitter is a testament to the hatred she invoked. And here in Kuwait, our very own Dr. Fatma Al Matar was accused of blasphemy for a tweet that was considered offensive but was in fact, benign and even humorous. In fact, the only thing that should be considered offensive is how man’s ego considers that the Master Architect of the Universe would be offended by anything a human being says. When we ourselves evolve in consciousness, nothing offends us. People could call us idiots, call our beliefs childish, call our tribes trash, and we would not react. So why are we pinning our spiritual immaturity on the Creator, the pinnacle of consciousness, the divine light of the universe? It says a lot about us as human beings if we can cause harm to others who do not believe what we believe in and blame it on Source. Isn’t that blasphemy?
And still, and still: I see a dayI see it clearly—when people such as Rahaf and Fatma and Taslima Nasreen and so many more no longer need to be granted asylum for what they write or how they choose to live, and where people like Raif Badawi and Dina Ali Lasloom and Sheikha Latifa are not shunned or punished but embraced in a society that accepts ideological diversity.
We cannot continue to impose on others due to fear. Lives are at risk, and so is creativity. Our experience on this planet is awe-inducing, and to suppress our curiosity only curtails enlightenment, our birthright. Who cares if someone has left the fold? People are constantly in flux. We don’t all fit in the same box. That’s why there are so many belief systems out there. It’s a crime to not “allow” individuals to experiment, or even shun belief systems altogether until they find their way home.
When we stop labeling others according to mindsets, we can learn so much from the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Gospels, the Bible, the Tripitakas, the Kitab-i-Aqdas, the Torah, the Talmud, the Book of Rites, the Agamas, Kojiki, the Upanishads and so many more. We can learn so much from deists, agnostics, and atheists. We can learn so much from those we continue to repress century after century for something as superficial (literally) as skin color, race, ethnicity, even sexual inclination.
Why do we bask in our closed minds? Why do we give honor to our exclusive hearts? Why are those who love everyone and accept all considered heretics? Haven’t we had enough of intolerance? Aren’t we weary? Isn’t it time to come out of chrysalis?
The awakening has always been here, now. Let us not continue to delay our inevitable ascension. Love lives in every cell of our bodies, in our collective energetic field, and in our thoughts. We are here to tap into it. It’s time. Oh, to live and let live!

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