Tell me

Have you ever prayed with your Hindu neighbor or tried Buddhist meditation? Have you ever read a verse of the Koran to a Muslim or quoted the Bible to your Christian brother or sister? Have you ever asked your Sikh friend what he believes in? What about a Jain? Did you consider taking out your agnostic colleague without talking about beliefs and getting to know each other? And that atheist you judge, have you watched a comedy together? Laughter is a universal language.

Have you ever comforted your cousin whose family shunned him or her for being gay? Have you ever wiped the tears of your friend who was bullied for the color of his/her skin? Could you see yourself smiling at and hugging the street cleaner? Have you told a woman that you don’t care what she wears or if she decides to go out and that you are merely fellow passengers on a collective journey? Have you helped an abused or exploited child?

Religious minorities, disbelievers, people of color, the LGBTQ+, women and children, and people living in dire financial conditions are among the most discriminated against on our planet. Our role is to alleviate pain, and if we are among these minorities, it is our duty to remind bullies that we are one.

One. Do you know what that means? We all have the same wiring. We are made of flesh and blood. We cry. We giggle. We get scared, excited. We grieve, we rejoice. And the universe holds us all. And so should we. In our hearts. In our minds. In our souls. We can do this!


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