Coexist With It All

Being ill (mentally or physically) is not a sign of weakness. There is nothing “wrong” or “misaligned”. All is merely arising. Some of the most evolved gurus had diseases, but they knew they were neither the body nor mind. And some of the most evolved gurus overcame their diseases. The same with people who are unevolved: some recover, some don’t. It doesn’t change one’s awakening. Coexist with your mind and body. Be kind, nurture your vessel. Allow pain to express itself in sickness and health. No resistance.

Being gay is not unnatural. Coexist with your sexuality. With any tendency or inclination (gay, straight, bi, asexual), listen to the song within that invites you to be a sucker for love and companionship, not lust.

Being a woman does not make one fairer or inferior. Coexist with the gender-free energy within that is divine, magical, miraculous.

Being you does not make you better than me. Being me does not make me better than you. Let us coexist with one another. We are each other.


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