It’s Time: Awakening O’Clock

No citizen would ever willingly seek asylum unless a situation arises which deems it necessary to leave. That was the case with Rahaf Al-Qanoon, who “confessed” to leaving the fold of Islam. She reminded the world that even in 2019 a person could be killed for apostasy, and the public condemnation she received on Twitter is […]

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Statue-tory and Such

There seems to be a disconcerting new trend of raids and cancellations of events in Kuwait lately. The first raid occurred at a 3D shop selling figurines (deemed cult idols) by a board of men who raided the shop and closed it down. Everyone in this country knows that selling cult idols is not permitted […]

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Tell me

Have you ever prayed with your Hindu neighbor or tried Buddhist meditation? Have you ever read a verse of the Koran to a Muslim or quoted the Bible to your Christian brother or sister? Have you ever asked your Sikh friend what he believes in? What about a Jain? Did you consider taking out your […]

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Motorbikes and Camels Press Release

Nejoud Al-Yagout Releases Debut Novel Poet, essayist, and founder of Co-Exist Kuwait releases her first novel Motorbikes and Camels. Kuwait – Nejoud Al-Yagout has released her debut novel from Luminare Press. Threading together the narratives of multiple protagonists during their journey to distinguish between their culture and their true selves, Motorbikes and Camels confronts the need for tolerance and […]

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Coexist With It All

Being ill (mentally or physically) is not a sign of weakness. There is nothing “wrong” or “misaligned”. All is merely arising. Some of the most evolved gurus had diseases, but they knew they were neither the body nor mind. And some of the most evolved gurus overcame their diseases. The same with people who are unevolved: […]

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Can We “Meat” In The Middle?

The other day I read an interesting online article about veganism. The author was a vegan for several years and renounced the lifestyle to go back to eating meat. The comments section was inundated with tirades from readers condemning her for her lack of compassion, though she made it clear that she was never a […]

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